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November 25, 2006

Back in Blighty

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Back in the UK and itching to get on with putting Wild Blue together, but spent the first two weeks dealing with the heavy workload that awaited me on my return. Few independent film makers can live on their film making alone and I am no exeption. I also own a thriving independent cinema in Uckfield, East Sussex. Uckfield is a small town of some 15,000 population that lies in the Weald between Brighton and Tunbridge Wells. Not the most exciting place on Earth, especially after being in Los Angeles for a month. There’s only one F in Uckfield as I like to say, or So Good Lord Lucan Never Left. That’s an Uckfield joke and believe me there aren’t many of them. In truth I’m the only one who says it, but as I’m from Uckfield it counts. If you want to see me and my cinema and a strangely accurate thumbnail description of Uckfield then have a look on You Tube at the time the cat from Dick and Dom visited the town:


The Picture House punches well above it’s weight in terms of audiences, last year we had over 140,000 admissions,  and has survived for the last ninety years through a combination of blind tenacity and constant re invention. My family bought the cinema in 1963, so I quite literally grew up in a cinema. This meant I was exposed to the most wonderful films from an early age, and some quite nasty ones. My father died in 1994 and I have run the place myself since then. We are also lucky to have a very loyal customer base and I like to think we are an important part of the town, now flood free since the year 2000.

So I came home to a pile of paperwork and some technical problems that needed my urgent attention. We were lucky enough to be selected for the film council funded digital Screen Network and the install of this bonkers kit took place the day after I flew back to London. This means we are now able to show films in our number one screen digitally. Time will tell how succesful this will be. If you want to find out more about my lovely cinema go to our website:


Madly busy at the moment with Casino Royale, playing on two screens. Borat has taken up residence in the other. Nice!

My film producing partner, P,  lives in Los Angeles but I felt that I needed someone in the UK to work with on Wild Blue.  P is of course an important part of the project, but the time delay between London and LA can cause problems, and I do sometimes need a kick up the arse to get going. To that end I have convinced a superb producer, T, to come on board. T is an award winning producer of short films and many hours of TV docs who will be nothing but an asset to the film. She fell in love with the script and we are meeting next week to bash out terms and how to move the project forward.

We have sent a nice note to the director that I want, so fingers crossed she will agree to see us and have a chat. Please God. Which for a raging atheist is a strange thing to say, but if it gets me what I want I don’t care. Frankly I’d wear a dress and change my name to Brenda if I thought she would do the film.

Onward and upward…


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