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December 26, 2006

Christmas Lull

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With the country shutting down for Christmas, not much happening on the Wild Blue front. That’s not strictly true I suppose, since I last posted T and I have been chasing the director we want for the film. I wrote her a nice letter rather than send her the script, to ask nicely if she would consider us. Unfortunately she feels not quite ready to direct a feature film. Curses. I really want her to do this film, she would lend it exactly the kind of tone it needs. Not to be discouraged I have sent her the script. Hopefully she will fall in love with it and not be able to turn it down. Of course, she could think it is the biggest load of bollocks she ever read, anything is possible.

As professional producers we are looking at a plan B, but I really hope we can swing plan A. 

I have also been putting together a short film that I am going to direct. Currently penciled in for an April shoot, it is a personal little film that means a lot to me. Again we are chasing talent, this time I am trying to get a stonkingly good actress that can do the script justice. More on this later. This project is going to be produced by two incredibly talented film makers based in Kent in return for me setting up their screening room. The rest of the budget is coming out of my pocket.

Bond still doing well at my cinema. Hurrah!

Roll on Jan 2nd when the country comes back to life and we can really knuckle down and start putting these films together.

Onward and upward… 


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