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September 11, 2007

Tempus don’t half Fugit

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Haydn Gwynne in Lullaby

Haydn Gwynne in Lullaby

Yikes. September already. Made my first short film as a director, it’s called Lullaby and I’m very proud of it. Shot in April down in Kent and after editing, music and all the rest of it, finaly it’s ready. Have a look at the site: www.lullabythemovie.co.uk I was very lucky to shoot on 35mm and with the brilliantly talented Haydn Gwynne in the lead all in all I’m very chuffed.

Hopefully it will appear at a festival near you soon.

Which all means I can go back to the tortoise that is Wild Blue. I’m in London this week pitching it to finaciers, so fingers crossed. Althought without firm talent attached it might be a strugggle.  We couldn’t convince the original director I wanted to even read the script. A second director seemed very interested for a while but has gone off to direct another film, so it’s with a third at the moment awaiting her decision.

I’m confident enough in the commercial nature of the material that we will prevail.


December 26, 2006

Christmas Lull

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With the country shutting down for Christmas, not much happening on the Wild Blue front. That’s not strictly true I suppose, since I last posted T and I have been chasing the director we want for the film. I wrote her a nice letter rather than send her the script, to ask nicely if she would consider us. Unfortunately she feels not quite ready to direct a feature film. Curses. I really want her to do this film, she would lend it exactly the kind of tone it needs. Not to be discouraged I have sent her the script. Hopefully she will fall in love with it and not be able to turn it down. Of course, she could think it is the biggest load of bollocks she ever read, anything is possible.

As professional producers we are looking at a plan B, but I really hope we can swing plan A. 

I have also been putting together a short film that I am going to direct. Currently penciled in for an April shoot, it is a personal little film that means a lot to me. Again we are chasing talent, this time I am trying to get a stonkingly good actress that can do the script justice. More on this later. This project is going to be produced by two incredibly talented film makers based in Kent in return for me setting up their screening room. The rest of the budget is coming out of my pocket.

Bond still doing well at my cinema. Hurrah!

Roll on Jan 2nd when the country comes back to life and we can really knuckle down and start putting these films together.

Onward and upward… 

November 25, 2006

Back in Blighty

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Back in the UK and itching to get on with putting Wild Blue together, but spent the first two weeks dealing with the heavy workload that awaited me on my return. Few independent film makers can live on their film making alone and I am no exeption. I also own a thriving independent cinema in Uckfield, East Sussex. Uckfield is a small town of some 15,000 population that lies in the Weald between Brighton and Tunbridge Wells. Not the most exciting place on Earth, especially after being in Los Angeles for a month. There’s only one F in Uckfield as I like to say, or So Good Lord Lucan Never Left. That’s an Uckfield joke and believe me there aren’t many of them. In truth I’m the only one who says it, but as I’m from Uckfield it counts. If you want to see me and my cinema and a strangely accurate thumbnail description of Uckfield then have a look on You Tube at the time the cat from Dick and Dom visited the town:


The Picture House punches well above it’s weight in terms of audiences, last year we had over 140,000 admissions,  and has survived for the last ninety years through a combination of blind tenacity and constant re invention. My family bought the cinema in 1963, so I quite literally grew up in a cinema. This meant I was exposed to the most wonderful films from an early age, and some quite nasty ones. My father died in 1994 and I have run the place myself since then. We are also lucky to have a very loyal customer base and I like to think we are an important part of the town, now flood free since the year 2000.

So I came home to a pile of paperwork and some technical problems that needed my urgent attention. We were lucky enough to be selected for the film council funded digital Screen Network and the install of this bonkers kit took place the day after I flew back to London. This means we are now able to show films in our number one screen digitally. Time will tell how succesful this will be. If you want to find out more about my lovely cinema go to our website:


Madly busy at the moment with Casino Royale, playing on two screens. Borat has taken up residence in the other. Nice!

My film producing partner, P,  lives in Los Angeles but I felt that I needed someone in the UK to work with on Wild Blue.  P is of course an important part of the project, but the time delay between London and LA can cause problems, and I do sometimes need a kick up the arse to get going. To that end I have convinced a superb producer, T, to come on board. T is an award winning producer of short films and many hours of TV docs who will be nothing but an asset to the film. She fell in love with the script and we are meeting next week to bash out terms and how to move the project forward.

We have sent a nice note to the director that I want, so fingers crossed she will agree to see us and have a chat. Please God. Which for a raging atheist is a strange thing to say, but if it gets me what I want I don’t care. Frankly I’d wear a dress and change my name to Brenda if I thought she would do the film.

Onward and upward…

November 9, 2006

A long long way to go.

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This is not only the first post on this blog, it is also my first post on any blog of any kind. My name is Kevin Markwick and I am the screenwriter and producer of a movie we hope to put in to production soon.

This will be my second film as a co producer and my first as sole writer. As I write this I am in Los Angeles having come here to finish the latest draft of the script and hang around the AFM in Santa Monica.

One of the most depressing places on Earth for an aspiring independent film maker, the AFM is a huge meat market forfilms from around the world all vying for the attention of buyers who can make or break your delicate financial forecasts and dreams of world domination. The majority of films on offer here are very low budget horror or derivative romantic comedies. I kid you not when I say that some of the most entertaining titles offered for sale have included both Snakes on a Train and Killer Bees on a Plane. My personal favourite, however,  has to be Oy Vey, My Son is Gay! Most of these films will never see the light of day outside of limited DVD releases or late night television.

Surprisingly though many people make a good living form this kind of cinematic flotsam and jetsam. Which brings me to the punchline. Our own modest effort Neil’s Party, and my first film as a producer and co writer,  has actually done very well in this strange twilight zone. We have seen the film released on DVD in North America and in Australia, we have also just closed a deal for a not insubstantial sum of money that will see the film released on home video in the UK, France, Benelux and Brazil. The film was cheap enough to make that one or two more deals like that and we will have covered the cost of making the film.

A miracle frankly. All of which brings me to Wild Blue. The hope is that we can move to the next level in terms of production budget and produce something to be really proud of.

The pitch: A shy, plump girl from Crawley with zero self esteem, dreams of being an air hostess.

That’s all you’re going to get for the time being, needless to say it is a little more complicated than that.

So the plan is to keep a journal of the struggle to get Wild Blue to the screen. When I return to London I will be setting up meetings in an attempt to bag the director that I want. For the moment she will be known as Ms X. There are several other important players in the upcoming drama such as my co producers, but I will refrain form exposing them until I have at least had the decency to mention I am going to write about them in this journal.

My plan is that the money chases the talent. So get some talent on board.

So, to whoever is out there, welcome to the pain and trauma that is making movies in the UK. Or anywhere for that matter. 


P.S. Why does the spell check on this thing not recognise the word blog. Bizzare. 

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